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Helping Businesses Help the Environment with their Computer Recycling in London.

All businesses have computer equipment that they need to dispose of whether it’s a few laptops and mobile phones, or larger projects such as planned refreshes or decommissioning Data Centres.

At WEEE Technology, providers of computer recycling in London, we understand the importance of responsible recycling and we ensure that computer assets are disposed of or recycled in a proper manner and in accordance with legislation.

Data stored on company assets should always be erased or destroyed to avoid any trace of information being accessed. Our data sanitisation services provide certified, secure and comprehensive data destruction solutions.

Secure and WEEE Compliant IT Recycling For Your Business

Collection from your premises

Environmental paperwork

24/7 Availability

Fully Compliant

Secure data destruction

Data erasure certificate

Detail equipment asset report

Zero Waste to Landfill

Data Sanitisation
A deliberate and permanent process to irreversibly remove and destroy data stored on a media device.