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Data Centre Decommissioning – Advisory and Brokerage from WEEE Technology

Data Centre Decommissioning – Advisory and Brokerage from WEEE Technology

The Role We Play  

Whenever an enterprise-scale business retires its network infrastructure, or a managed service business retires its Client Network infrastructure, a number of decisions have to be made and priorities decided on.

Typically, anyone involved in the process – whether it’s network infrastructure or data centre managers, managed services companies, system integrators, IT managers or directors, chief technology or information officers – is looking for three things:

  • An ITAD (IT Asset Disposal firm) to decommission and remove the kit from the data centre
  • All the data to be securely wiped and a full asset report to be produced, including erasure certificates for every drive. All drives that fail to data wipe will be securely destroyed and recycled with disposal reports issued accordingly
  • A financial rebate for the resale of the equipment.


WEEE Technology’s Excellent Track Record

WEEE Technology have successfully carried out data centre decommissioning projects for a number of corporate clients in London and further afield, with extremely high levels of success. We often secure excellent returns which enable their clients to complete their projects smoothly and efficiently – and with money in their pocket as well.

We will appoint a dedicated account team and project to manage everything from start to finish. Clients will work with a single point of contact throughout the whole project who coordinate, manage and deliver all aspects of the process.

Our expert knowledge of IT infrastructure means we work closely with buyers who specialise in specific and well-known brands such as Dell, Cisco, Nettap, HP and IBM. This means we can secure surprisingly high prices for the client whenever the equipment is resold.


What Are the Benefits of Using WEEE Technology?

Typically, clients who use us will benefit from:

  • Saving time which would otherwise be spent in dealing with multiple companies and contractors
  • All the work being carried out by qualified and certified ITADs to the highest of standards
  • A chain of custody maintained from start to finish
  • Qualified infrastructure experts using the latest industry leading hardware and software to carry out data erasure and data sanitisation, delivered through comprehensive reports
  • Expert hardware brokers working smartly with hand-picked buyers to deliver the best financial return for redundant equipment. Clients often see five- and even six-figure returns over and above all costs.


Data Centre Decommissioning in London from WEEE Technology

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