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Secure or Remote Data Erasure – Which is Best?

Secure or Remote Data Erasure – Which is Best?

Increasing numbers of employees are now working from home, thanks to the hi-tech advances which make this more feasible, the restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic and workers’ preferences for a better work/life balance.

However, this presents a number of challenges for data erasure specialists such as London-based WEEE Technology, as most of the computers and devices are no longer in one central office location. Here we outline the advantages of remote data erasure and its on-site counterpart – and how we can help, whichever method you prefer.


Why Remote?

Data still needs to be erased or destroyed – either to create space on a server, or to get rid of out-of-date information, or to repurpose equipment. For example, when an employee leaves a company, their device needs to be made ready for their replacement.

Upgrades of equipment still need to take place, and older devices will still need replacing as they become out-of-date and less efficient. However, companies’ IT departments, and data destruction specialists, no longer have as much direct access to all the laptops, PCs, tablets and other devices which previously were all in one central location – the office.

Having data destruction specialists like ourselves travel to lots of different locations - employees’ homes - to sanitise, destroy or erase data is an inefficient and time-consuming way of operating. It’s much more convenient to do it remotely.

Also, there may be security issues if employees bring their devices in to the office for the data to be destroyed or erased – and the penalties for non-compliance with data destruction regulations can be severe.


Why On-Site?

On-site date destruction is a much less complicated process than doing it remotely – the assets never leave the business’s possession, and again it’s much less time-consuming than travelling to employees’ homes. There is also no risk of accidents en route.

Security can be much tighter was well; the entire process can be witnessed by the data erasure specialists as well as the company who own the technology – who have the added peace of mind in seeing the whole process unfold before their eyes. You are putting everything in the hands of the professionals like ourselves who know all about the latest regulations

There may also be technical limits as to what information can be sanitised, erased or destroyed remotely as well.  


Secure Data Erasure in London from WEEE Technology

So there are advantages to both – and WEEE Technology can offer secure data erasure in remote and on-site locations in London and further afield. We can collect all your business’s IT equipment, securely wiping data and providing certificates to show this has been done.

We are partners with Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA, the UK distributor of WhiteCanyon WipeDrive. We use their software for our secure data erasure for our clients in London and elsewhere, and we also sell this software on to prospective customers who want to erase their own data.

Our team of experienced technicians are equally adept in using Microsoft, Xisco and Dell hardware and software so we can create a secure erasure environment and wipe any data remotely and securely wherever the devices are kept

We can also offer a range of other services, including data and hard drive destruction, and business computer recycling, all centred in and around our London headquarters. If you would like to know more about any of our services, follow this link and fill in the online form or call us on 020 7859 4669.

Written by : Weeetech