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Four Key Reasons Why You Can Rely on WEEE Technology

Four Key Reasons Why You Can Rely on WEEE Technology

Recent changes to data protection laws mean companies need to be a lot more careful with the way they handle data and dispose of electronic equipment storing it. This applies whether it’s personal staff information, client details or material related to the company as a whole. 

WEEE Technology are specialists in secure data erasure – and destruction – for businesses throughout London seeking to dispose of old computers, tablets and laptops. Here are four key reasons why you can rely on us.

Our Minimum Overwriting Standards

With our comprehensive data erasure service, hard drives are overwritten multiple times to recognised UK and global standards to ensure data is securely erased. Under our Standard Plan, media is overwritten at least three times, which fulfils the requirements of most companies. For organisations needing to erase particularly sensitive data, such as. government departments or banks and other financial institutions, we offer a Premium Plan for which hard drives are overwritten seven times.

We scan the entire hard drive to eliminate the risk of data remanence. The certificates issued on completion detail the methods used and provide proof that data erasure has been completed to required standards.

Our High Levels of Security

If you would prefer to use our data destruction services, available to London businesses, your data will be kept in a locked container under strictly controlled conditions. This can be completed on-site or off-site.

We keep a record of the chain of custody at all times. The hard drive is scanned onto a database and a record of the serial number is taken before carefully controlled steps are taken to break it up into small recyclable pieces, from which your data cannot be recovered.

A Certificate of Destruction will then be issued which can be used as proof of compliance with data protection legislation.

The Methods We Use

If you opt for data erasure, we will use a variety of software programs which are recognised at home and abroad. Here in the UK, our software is accredited under the Commercial Product Assurance scheme administered by the National Cyber Security Centre, which is a part of GCHQ.

Data erasure is performed in accordance to Infosec Enhanced Standard 5. US and global clients, meanwhile, can be confident that our software and methods comply with international standards, including the Air Force System Security Instruction 5020 and the U.S. Army AR380-19 data erasure method.

Our data destruction methods are also government-approved and certified by the Environment Agency.

Our Accreditations

WEEE Technology is fully compliant with all aspects of the Data Protection Act, which requires us to keep our various accreditations up to date. These include our Waste Carriers’ Licence and T11 Waste Exemption Licence, both of which are issued by the Environment Agency.

Furthermore, we are an ICO Data Protection Registered business, which requires full compliance with data protection laws.  

The WEEE Directive

By using our services, you can be confident your business is complying with the requirements of the WEEE Directive, which was introduced to reduce the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfill.

As we move towards a zero-waste economy, landfill should only be a last resort. WEEE Tech is helping to reduce electronic waste at landfill by recycling or making components with irrecoverable data available for reuse whenever possible.

Secure Data Erasure in London from WEEE Technology

WEEE Technology offers secure data erasure and destruction services for businesses in and around London.

If you need to dispose of some high-tech hardware, a quote can be requested online. Complete our online quote form or call us on 020 7859 4669.

Written by : Weeetech