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How WEEE Technology Can Help the Corporate World

How WEEE Technology Can Help the Corporate World

At WEEE Technology we don’t just help companies who want to upgrade their computers and laptops and need to dispose of all their old IT equipment. As specialists in corporate IT data erasure in the London area, we can also help our customers to securely erase their own data – and help the financial specialists who take over other businesses.

A Helping Hand

If you are an administrator or management accountant who is involved in winding up businesses in financial difficulty, then you have a legal obligation to decommission and securely destroy any data on IT equipment owned by that company.

At WEEE Technology we can decommission, collect, transport the IT equipment, securely wipe data, issue asset and audit reports, and provide certificates of data erasure or disposal, taking a lot of the burden away from you. We also offer a rebate service, whenever we sell the computers on, and share the profits with the customers.

Anything that is not resold is either dismantled and sold to precious metal refiners, or scrap or plastic metal merchants, or taken to specific e-waste companies.

Best Software White Canyon WipeDrive

We are working closely with Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA, the UK distributor of WhiteCanyon WipeDrive and their dedicated support team, using their software for our secure data erasure. This association is aimed at us providing a high-quality service to our customers. We also partner with Global Lifecycle Solutions EMEA to sell the software and provide support to prospective customers who wish to erase the data themselves.

WipeDrive’s software can be used with workstations, servers, iOS and Android devices that can create vulnerabilities in employers’ security systems. Companies can securely erase the data held on these devices, enabling them to be reused or permanently disposed of.

The software, which is widely used by international large-scale corporations and US government departments who handle a lot of sensitive information, also generates certified audit reports to prove that the data has been wiped. Any type of forensic data recovery is post wipe impossible.

WEEE Tech’s Regulatory Compliance

Whatever reason you have for needing WEEE Technology’s data erasure and destruction services, you can trust us to meet the highest of standards. All the erasure software we use is accredited under the Commercial Product Assurance scheme administered by the National Cyber Security Centre, which is a part of GCHQ, and complies with international as well as domestic standards.

if you want your data to be destroyed, then we can do it either on-site or off-site. In both cases the IT assets will be kept in a locked container in strictly controlled conditions. Our data destruction methods have been approved by the Government and the Environment Agency.

If you would like to know more about any of our corporate data erasure services in and around London, you can complete online quote form or call us on 020 7859 4669.

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